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Before you can ask how to measure informal learning, you must first answer what do I measure?

How do you measure the value of informal learning?

Let me show you how!


March 13, 2011

For this month’s BQ, this post speaks addresses the needs of instructional designers, media developers, trainers, and anyone who seeks to incorporate social networks, free infrastructure, and open source applications to improve human performance and operational effectiveness.

Before I begin I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge my critics regarding my 2011 Predictions and assure you this post “keeps it real” and I am listening. In this post, I provide a roadmap to assess the value of informal learning that is prescriptive rather than a predictive. Keep in mind when making predictions, you must both research and look into your crystal ball, where images are nebulous, yet clearly indicators. After my last post we saw social network applications like Twitter and Facebook continue to sustain protests in North Africa and Wisconsin. While shortly afterward President Obama’s trip to Silicon Valley to promote innovation and green technologies as our national cornerstones for economic recovery is not myth..

As much as I would like to take credit, rather than causal my predictions are the humble observations of an engaged instructional technologist. To make my point, my 2011 Predictions are more than sound bites, they cleverly tie together researched and observable trends and markers for the 21st century. To make more sense of it, plug-in, read between the narrative, and reflect.

To answer this month’s BQ, I will:

  • Reveal the meaning of informal learning
  • Identify free immediately available informal learning applications
  • Tell you how to measure informal learning
  • Demonstrate how to measure informal learning
  • Show you the results and relate what I learned

To begin before you can ask how to measure informal learning, you must first answer what do I measure?

To do so, you must be clear on the meaning of informal learning.

Continue to learn the meaning of informal learning.


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