Thomas Edgerton: Consultant  

2011 Learning Technology Predictions

February 12, 2011

A sleeping giant awakens. 2012 is here. Green is lean and organizational effectiveness sigma. While innovation sustains double lines, clean energy drives national security, companies streamline costs, and training aligns value-add operations to just-in-time sales.

In a rapid development world, eXtreme übers ADDIE, platforms are irrelevant, and your LMS, CMS, and LCMS, an IT call where under the hood, Cisco's value chain leads to Oracle.

For instructional technologists with design & engineering occuring in real time, tool selection relates to customer preference, open source applications, and SaaS for formal online and classroom training.







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2011 Learning Technology Outcomes

With an informal learning focus on experiential, social networks ~aka~ coaching becomes a high touch norm while leadership development in a post Lewinksy, dot com, 9/11, Enron, Iraq, Wall St, Afghanistan, wikileaks world sees hope.

Meanwhile from twitters in Tunisia and Egypt of instructional designers, course developers, trainers, facilitators, educators, coaches, auditors, and learners with mobile devices in hand, a generation rises. 2012. ¡Adelante!